Vacuum packaging is one of the most innovative and useful food storage methods for food processors, manufacturers, commercial kitchens, caterers and home cooks. From longer storage to easy cooking, vacuum ... Read more

packaging offers exceptional benefits that other packaging options don't.

Vacuum packing machines remove air from a specially designed pouch before sealing, thereby protecting the food from airborne micro-organisms that cause spoilage. Without exposure to air, the food is less susceptible to freezer burn and less likely to dry out. It extends shelf life by three to five times, which helps reduce waste and lower food costs.

One of the most exciting aspects of vacuum sealing is the ability to cook sous-vide style. The technique slowly, gently cooks vacuum-packed food in a temperature-controlled water or steam bath, preserving taste, texture and appearance. Sous-vide style cooking ensures juicy, tender meat and flavorful fish.

When paired with high-quality, BPA-free Clarity vacuum pouches, food is safe and ready for the chef’s best recipes.
Benefits of vacuum packaging:
  • Safe and hygienic food storage
  • Protects food from external elements
  • Extends shelf life by three to five times
  • Reduces freezer burn
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces the space needed to store items
  • Allows for sous-vide style cooking
  • Increases efficiency in the commercial kitchen
  • Easier to transport for caterers
  • Easier to control portions
  • Able to prepare food in advance
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