Vacuum Pouches from Bunzl Processor Division


Whether you are looking for 3-mil, 4-mil, 5-mil pre-printed or specialty vacuum pouches— we have what you need!

Bunzl Processor Division/Food Equipment is the exclusive distributor of the Clarity™ line of vacuum pouches. These pouches are constructed of high-quality co-extruded cast film that is made entirely in the United-States. Our pouches are all FDA approved for food contact, and contain no BPA, Melamine, starches or animal by-products.Read more

Because of a powerful sealant found in all of our vacuum pouches, your worker and the consumer are able to handle the product without weakening the pouch – resulting in less punctures and tears. And, our pouches are easy to fill and more flexible – helping to increase the speed of your packaging process.

Choose from the following styles of vacuum pouches:
  • 3-Mil Standard Barrier
  • 3-Mil High Barrier
  • 3-Mil with Preprinted Safe Handling Information
  • 3-Mil Gold Metallic
  • 4-Mil
  • 5-Mil
  • 3-Mil Clear Zipper
  • 5-Mil Colored Zipper

These styles come in various sizes to fit your needs, and we welcome you to mix and match any size or style of vacuum pouch to benefit from our quantity price discounts. Call 1-800-456-5624 today and we’ll be happy to send you FREE SAMPLES of our vacuum pouches, so you can experience the quality for yourself.

Please note, Clarity™ vacuum pouches are only for use in vacuum chamber machines.

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Vacuum Pouches_Clarity
Clarity vacuum pouches are made with the highest quality American-made co-extruded cast film.

Just give us a call at: 1-800-456-5624 and we’ll be happy to send you samples of our vacuum bags so you can experience the quality for yourself.
Vacuum Pouches_Samples



  • 3-Mil. Standard Barrier
    Converted from true, American-made 3-mil co-extruded cast film, resulting in consistent thickness and superior durability.

  • 3-Mil. High Barrier
    The same quality as our 3-mil standard pouch, but with an additional oxygen barrier, making this pouch idea for jerky, cheese, deli meats and other grocery store items.

  • 3-Mil. with Pre-Printed Safe Handling Information
    The same quality as our 3-mil standard pouch, but with safe-handling instructions printed directly on the vacuum pouch.

  • 3-Mil. Gold Metallic
    Enhance your products visibility with this distinctive metallic packaging without sacrificing quality. A great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. This pouch is ideal for the seafood industry.

  • 4-Mil. Standard Barrier
    Thicker than the standard 3-mil pouch, the 4-mil standard pouch has a greater thickness and stronger seal.

  • 5-Mil. Standard Barrier
    Thicker than the standard 3-mil and 4-mil pouch, the 5-mil standard barrier pouch offers the highest level of thickness and seal of any other pouch offered.

  • 3-Mil. Clear Zipper
    Featuring an EZ-tear notch.
    Features include:
    • 3-mil. construction of nylon/polyethylene for oxygen and moisture protection.
    • Bottom fill pouches with tamper evident header.
    • 1/4" hang hole and tear notch.

  • 5-Mil. Colored Zipper
    Colored vacuum pouches in affordable quantities.
    Features include:
    • Bottom fill pouches with tamper evident header, hang hole and tear notch.
    • Ideal for jerky and other applications requiring extra barrier.
    • 7-1/2" x 11-3/10" pouch has a zipper closure.
    • Windowed on both sides for maximum viewing.
    • 5-mil. pouch is constructed with biaxially-oriented nylon for puncture resistance and EVOH for high-barrier protection.